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Shoさんのトーク Sho’s Sharing

28 5月
From Rol Friday Night’s

5月が誕生日の人、ケーキと一緒に記念撮影。 A birthday cake for May birthday people!

From Rol Friday Night’s
From Rol Friday Night’s

Shoさんが「聖書とは?」という題目で分かりやすく説明してくれました。 また、第2弾も企画してくださっているようなので、楽しみですね。Sho presented us with helpful illustrations so that we can understand the Bible better.  He is planning to come again to Rice of Life to share the second part of the sequel on “What is the Bible?”!     

From Rol Friday Night’s

ヒップホップナイト Hip Hop Night

21 5月

今日は韓国人チームが用意してくれたコリアンフード。写真が暗くて分かりにくいけど、今日の献立はビビンバとサラダ!写真が暗くて残念。。。実物は写真の見た目よりずっとおいしかったです。Korean team provided Bibimbap.  Unfortunately, this picture didn’t turn out well, but it looked and tasted a lot better than how it looks in this picture!

食事が終わった後、Auditoriumに移ってHipHopのダンスショー。今日はアフリカのケニヤ出身のHipHopダンサーが踊ってくれました。ビデオ撮るの間に合わなくて残念。。。After eating, we moved to Travis Auditorium and saw Hip Hop dance by a Kenyan dancer.  Wish I had the video of that, but wasn’t able to get the video out in time…

Yoshino led worship for us today. 

久しぶりに、Karimがラップでゴスペルソングを歌ってくれました。Its been a while since seeing Karim at Rice of Life!  Great to hear his rap again!



Jason’s life story part 2

15 5月

We where blessed to have Jason Barraca share his life story… Jason really has live a full life. Become a Christian at a very young age he usually sought the Lords will for his life in making decision. This led him to serving as a police officer, then in the U.S. Marines after 911, and now finishing his studies at Fuller Theological Seminary to become a pastor. Through the ups and down of life the Lord has continued to show himself in complete control of Jason’s path in the life God gave him. Jason will graduate from Fuller soon and is now faced with another time of transition, but he is confident that the Lord will continue what he began in from the time he realized God chose him to be his child through till the time he sees God face to face

What Happened at Japanese Culture Night!?!?

1 5月

Last Friday Rice of Life hosted a Japanese culture night… though it started more in the evening and went on into the night. Calligraphy teachings, demonstrations of Naginata, and Japanese food. The Koto players for the evening, Nobuhiro Kaneko and Tomoki Tamashige, are recognized as the top high school artist of Koto in Japan. We were also privileged to have Yoshino Ushijima perform songs from her upcoming album to debut sometime this year, she is a talented gospel and R&B artist. As well the food! Thankful for all those who attended and brought the Japanese food, Japanese Culture night would not have been complete with out you!

For our final event Yoko Nakagawa, a regular attendee at Rice of Life, shared about being Japanese and her love for Japanese culture. It was amazing to hear her experience of becoming a Christian in Japan at a young age even though 99% of Japan is Buddhist, Shinto, or do not believe in God.  She truly has a remarkable story and is a living testament that a Japanese person who loves her culture and heritage can also be a Christian and love the God of the bible.

The following are some videos and picture from the culture night. We are very thankful to Noriko who took most of the picture during this event. They can all be viewed here.

Calligraphy 書道

Naginata 薙刀

Koto 琴

Food 日本の食べ物

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