Ayumi’s Sharing

9 7月

今日はSayuriさんが夏野菜のカレーを作ってくれました!Sayuri made Japanese curry for us today!

リズムゲームというのをやりました。かなり盛り上がった結果、勝ち残ったのはRockyでした。We played the rythym game.   Rocky got the first place.

今日もYoshinoがworshipタイムをリードしてくれました。ありがとう!Yoshino led the worship time again.  Thank you Yoshino!

今日はKuniくんが来てくれて、大阪FestivalのこととSEEKのことに関して説明してくれました。SEEKは10月に開催されるイベントで昨年は500人近くの参加者がいて、地域対抗の運動会とかあってすごい盛り上がりました。我がパサデナチームは昨年は地域対抗戦で2位でした。今年もがんばろう!Kuni was visiting us today. He gave announcements for the “Osaka Festival” and about the SEEK.   SEEK is an event reaching out to the Japanese students.  There were nearly 500 participants last year.  We had “undokai”- field and track competitions, and our Pasadena team got second place last year.  Join our team and we’ll aim for the first place this year!

Ayumiちゃんがお話をしてくれました。とっても明るく、楽しいお話で、みんなAyumiちゃんに元気をもらいました!Ayumiちゃんどうもありがとう!Ayumi shared her testimony today.  Her sharing was very upbeat and fun.  We really felt encouraged hearing her testimony.  Thank you Ayumi!


Ayumi grew up in Kansai area but she is now working as a preschool teacher in Los Angeles.  She became Christian recently.  She grew up in a typical Japanese home with a Buddhist altar, but her family was a loving family.  Last year in May she came to Los Angeles and started to go to church.  The preschool that she works in is Christian and the principal and her coworkers are also Christians.   Mami, her coworker took her to an event called SEEK last year and after that she started to attend Budonoki International Church and other Christian events.  In the beginning she went to the church or events because she wanted to make friends, but later she felt so comfortable being with other Christians that she felt she missed out if she didn’t go to church.  So much so that she felt like she couldn’t make the coming week if she missed church.  Mami taught her about the story of Noah’s arch and she prayed for her.  This really helped her to change gradually to accept Jesus.  But Ayumi was scared to take the final step.  She didn’t have the courage and she thought that she will no longer be who she really is if she became Christian.  She also didn’t want to change after becoming Christian.  Those thoughts hindered her from taking the final step.   But pastor Ueno from Budonoki International Church answered the questions she had, and that gave her more peace.  Pastor Ueno explained to Ayumi what Christian belief is.  It is that;  “Human beings are made by God and they are very precious.  But we are born sinful.  There is a judgment for being sinful.  Jesus died on the cross for their sins and he was raised on the third day.  You can be saved just by believing in Jesus. ”  Before, she didn’t understand what that meant, but at that time she felt that “This is God’s love!!” and she accepted Jesus into her heart.




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