Nick’s Sharing

23 7月

今日はPotluck!餃子、肉じゃが、かぼちゃの煮物、パスタ、等々。。。盛りだくさん。 Potluck today!  Gyoza, niku-jaga, pumpkin dish, pasta, etc…   

Sumireちゃんと一緒にAnouncementを手伝ってくれた、RinaちゃんとKentoくん!Rina andKento helped Sumire giving the anouncement.  

日本からKermitが帰ってきました!このブログを立ち上げたり、RoLでも色々活躍してくれました。また、日本に戻る準備をしているそうです。Kermitのブログはhttp://jesuslovesjapan.comです!Kermit came back from Japan!  He was the one who set up this blog and helped RoL in so many ways.  Thank you Kermit!  He’s preparing to go back to Japan again. Check out his awesome blog at 

Mami,Misato,Ayumiの三人組が讃美をリードしてくれました!動画、また照明の具合で暗くなっちゃったんだけど、観てください!振り付けつきです。キリスト命の振り付けは特に必見。Mami, Misato and Ayumi trio led the worship time!  They came up with really funny motions to go with the lyrics.   The video turned out a little dark again but you gotta watch this.  The motions that go with “Kirisuto inochi” (Jesus is my life) is really funny (They are making the shape of the Chinese character 命 with their hands and legs).   

今日は、青森の弘前で3年間キリスト系の高校の英語教員として働いていたNickが話してくれました!今、NickはBiola大学でTESOLの修士課程をしています。 Today Nick shared his story.  Nick lived in Hirosaki, Aomori for 3 years, and worked as an English teacher at a Christian highschool there.  Currently Nick is pursuing MA in TESOL at Biola. 


Nick talks in Tsugaru dialect Japanese because he used to live in Aomori.  So he taught us some Tsugaru-ben.   He also shared with us about his friends, students and church community in Aomori.  I agree when Nick says that Christians should not work alone.  We are all given different gifts from God but I think its important to serve one another faithfully with the gifts we each received from God.  I pray that the seed sown by Nick in Aomori will grow and bear much fruit in the years to come!



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