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Thanksgivng Potluck Party and Hot Tub. (ROL感謝祭)

25 11月

Rice of Life Thanksgivng Potluck Party & Hot Tub. (ROL感謝祭)
When: Thursday, 11/25 @ 4pm. (Preparation starts @ 3:30pm)
what: Thanksgiving Turkey, Thanksgiving story, Fun, music, & Hot Tub (after the party)
Where: Fuller
What to bring: Friends, One dish to share, bathing suits (Optional)

Ron Brown Sharing

19 11月

Guest Speaker: Ron Brown! (先週のコンサートに来た人も来れなかった人も、またRonさんと近くで会ってお話を聞けるチャンスでした!)
Food: Hiroko

Ron Brown Concert

13 11月