アーカイブ | 5月, 2011

The screening of “Fireproof”

27 5月

今日のご飯は、ひろこさんがつくってくれました!☺すっごくおいしかったです☆  Hiroko cooked dinner for us! ☺  It was so yummy☆!

そして5月24日に誕生日だったあっこさんへみんなでバースデーをお祝い☆おめでとうございますあっこさん☆ いつも、Rice of Lifeを素晴らしいミニストリーとしてまとめてくださってありがとうございます! May 24th was Akiko’s birthday.  Happy birthday, Akiko☆ Thank you for coordinating Rice of Life ministry!

今日はファイアープルーフの観賞会!この映画の中で、離婚を決断する主人公に、お父さんが、自分たちが熟年離婚の危機を迎えた時に使って乗り越えた聖書からの40日プランをまとめたノートを、手渡します。そこから主人公はその40日のプランに挑戦していきます。 We watched a movie called “Fireproof” today.   The movie starts off with the main character of the movie (Caleb) on a verge of a divorce.  Then, Caleb’s father hands Caleb a notebook with a 40-days plan based on the Bible; this 40-days notebook helped his father and mother overcome their crisis in their marriage.  Caleb starts using this 40-days plan to help him prevent their divorce. 

自分は悪くない、相手が変わるべきだとお互いに思っていて本当の愛をお互い持てなかったからうまくいかなかったんだと思います。神様からの本当の愛を知ることによって、人が変えられていくんですね。 It was a very good movie!!!  In the beginning Caleb and his wife only had complaints for one another; they both thought the other person had to change.  I think the reason Caleb and his wife were not getting along well was because they didn’t have real love for one another.  Our lives will be changed when we understand God’s real love.    

皆さんもぜひ見てみてください*夫婦で見るのもとても良いと思いますよ* Please see the movie*  I think it is also a good movie to watch together as a couple*

見終わった後は、みんなで感想をシェアしあいました。とても良い時間になりました☺* We shared what we thought about the movie afterwards.  I had a wonderful time☺*


Japanese Culture Week

20 5月

5月18日から21日までフラーでJapanese Culture Weekという大きなイベントがあって、今回のRice of LifeはJ-palのグループのみなさんと協力して一緒にそのイベントをしました。たくさんのボランティアの方たちも手伝いにきてくれました。We had a huge event called “Japanese Culture Week” from May 18th to 21st.  Rice of Life cooperated with a group called J-pal to make this event happen.  Many volunteers came to help us.  

そして、食事は韓国教会のGood Shepherd Churchの皆さんが準備してくれました!とてもおいしかったです!ありがとうございました!☺The dinner was prepared by a Korean church: Good Shepherd Church!  Very yummy food!  Thank you! ☺

チャリティTシャツやアクセサリー、かわいいバッチなどいろいろ売っていました。Volunteers sold charity T-shirts, accessories, pretty badges, and various other items.  

歌をきいたり琴と尺八の演奏、演歌までいろんな日本の文化を味わえました。We listened to Japanese songs.  We also had a koto and shakuhachi performance, and an enka show; we enjoyed various aspects of Japanese culture.

そして最後に、今回のスピーカー、「チアにっぽん」というホームスクール、チャーチスクールのミニストリーをしている稲葉さんに、東北大震災のボランティア活動のお話をしていただきました。Then, Inaba-san shared about his volunteer relief work for the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami.  Inaba-san is in charge of a ministry called “Chea Japan,” which is a ministry for home school and church school. 

いろいろな写真を見せていただきましたが、やはりとてもひどい状況でした。He shared with us various pictures from Tohoku region.  The pictures portrayed a really terrible situation there. 


朝になっていざ、がれきなどぐちゃぐちゃになってしまった町をみると動くパワーを失ってしまい、1カ月手がつけられなかったそうです。He went to Ishimaki city and spent time with Takahashi family.  Inaba-san helped this family out with the clean up.  The grandpa of the family told Inaba-san the story of what happened on the day of the earthquake.   The grandpa said that he wanted to clean up the day after the quake struck but when he saw the terrible status of the city the following day, all his power got drained away, and he was not able to do anything for a month. 

アメリカにいる私たちにとってはとても想像しがたいですが、そんな現実を、実際現地に行って活動していた稲葉さんから聞き、とても心が苦しかったです。Those of us living in the States couldn’t even imagine what the people in the Tohoku region are going through.  It was really heartbreaking to hear the current situation in Tohoku from Inaba-san who had actually been there to help them. 

私たちにできることは本当に限られていて、小さい力にしかならないかもしれないですが、日本の苦しんでいる人たちのために、何かできることを見つけて、実行したいです。Perhaps what we can do is very limited and small, but I hope that I can find something to do for those people in Japan who are suffering. 

The screening of Toyohiko Kagawa “Before the Down”

13 5月

今日のRice of Lifeでは、賀川豊彦さんの生涯を描いた映画、「死線を越えて」をみんなで鑑賞しました。
We watched a movie called “Before the Dawn,” which is based on the life story of Toyohiko Kagawa.

今日のご飯はおにぎり!We had onigiri(Japanese rice balls) tonight!

とってもおいしかったです!They were so yummy!

そして新しい人が何人かきてくれました*!Several new people joined us tonight*!

ROLはいつでも新しい人歓迎なので、是非興味があったらきてくださいね!☺ We always welcome new people at RoL.  Come and join us! ☺

そして死線を越えて上映会!Then we watched “Before the Dawn”!

Toyohiko Kagawa was born in Kobe in 1888.  He lived in the slums in Kobe when he was attending seminary; he helped the residents in the slums, and he also worked as an evangelist.  Not only was he a Christian, but he was also a social activist and a novelist.  He was actively involved in many social issues, and was criticized for those involvements.     

I was impressed by his prayer for the terrible sins Japan committed as a country in the 1931 Manchurian Incident; he prayed to God, “They do know what they are doing.”  Then, Toyohiko sent a letter to the brothers and sisters in China asking for the forgiveness of the sins the Japanese committed as a nation.  However, the letter was found out by the government, and as a result, some pastors and several others were captured by the police and they faced severe interrogation.

I cannot imagine how hard it was to live as a Christian in wartime Japan.  I really felt that Toyohiko Kagawa was blessed by the Lord, and was used as a child of God through the way he lived his life.