The screening of Toyohiko Kagawa “Before the Down”

13 5月

今日のRice of Lifeでは、賀川豊彦さんの生涯を描いた映画、「死線を越えて」をみんなで鑑賞しました。
We watched a movie called “Before the Dawn,” which is based on the life story of Toyohiko Kagawa.

今日のご飯はおにぎり!We had onigiri(Japanese rice balls) tonight!

とってもおいしかったです!They were so yummy!

そして新しい人が何人かきてくれました*!Several new people joined us tonight*!

ROLはいつでも新しい人歓迎なので、是非興味があったらきてくださいね!☺ We always welcome new people at RoL.  Come and join us! ☺

そして死線を越えて上映会!Then we watched “Before the Dawn”!

Toyohiko Kagawa was born in Kobe in 1888.  He lived in the slums in Kobe when he was attending seminary; he helped the residents in the slums, and he also worked as an evangelist.  Not only was he a Christian, but he was also a social activist and a novelist.  He was actively involved in many social issues, and was criticized for those involvements.     

I was impressed by his prayer for the terrible sins Japan committed as a country in the 1931 Manchurian Incident; he prayed to God, “They do know what they are doing.”  Then, Toyohiko sent a letter to the brothers and sisters in China asking for the forgiveness of the sins the Japanese committed as a nation.  However, the letter was found out by the government, and as a result, some pastors and several others were captured by the police and they faced severe interrogation.

I cannot imagine how hard it was to live as a Christian in wartime Japan.  I really felt that Toyohiko Kagawa was blessed by the Lord, and was used as a child of God through the way he lived his life.



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