Rice of Lifeについて

Welcome to Rice of Life.  Rice of Life is a multi-cultural community that was started in 2005 by Japanese Christians living in Pasadena.  From the beginning, Rice of Life has welcomed people of all faith and ethnic backgrounds. Rice of Life is committed to see Japanese and people of all nations experience fullness of life.  Rice of Life does that through hosting regular social gatherings, special events, educational opportunities, and Christian celebrations.  At Rice of Life, we love tasty food, powerful music, transformative stories, interesting conversations, and people like you.

Rice of Lifeについての紹介のビデオです。The following short videos share a bit more about Rice of Life.

カリフォルニアのパサデナにあるフラー神学校のPayton 100(フラー図書館の隣)で、毎週金曜日に会っています。下の地図を見てください。ご質問等ある場合は、riceoflifela@gmail.comまでご連絡ください。We meet every Friday at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena California in the Payton 100 across from the Fuller Library. Please refer to the map below and email us if you have any questions, riceoflifela@gmail.com.