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以下、今後計画されているRice of Lifeのイベント内容です。内容は随時変更しているので、最新の情報を確認するためにも、またこのページを見に来てください。This is a tentative schedule of future Rice of Life events, dates are subjected to change so please check again for the most recent update.

最終更新日2011年4月22日(Last time updated April 22, 2011)


Friday, 4/22/11 @ 6:15pm~
* Speaker: Christian Kim
(A sharing about “Good Friday” )
* Food: Sayuri
* Music: Yoshino
* Game: Nick
* Where: Fuller Campus (Fuller Theological Seminary)
We will be meeting at “Payton 100”

Moto Nomura Lecture on Korea-Japan Reconciliation and Slum Ministry

Friday, April 29 · 6:00pm – 8:30pm


Rogers Community Room, Chang Commons (Fuller Theological Seminary)

271 N. Madison Ave
Pasadena, CA

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More Info
Faculty Sponsors: Dr. David Bundy and Dr. Tim Park
Co-host: Rice of Life (共催:ライス・オブ・ライフ)
6:15pm Free Korean Food* 韓国料理のディナー(無料)
7:00pm Korean Worship Team* 韓国語教会のワーシップ・チーム
7:15pm Lecture (in English) 講演開始
…*Much thanks to Good Steward Church!About the speaker:
Motoyuki “Moto” Nomura is coming from Japan to speak at Fuller!Moto is a Japanese pastor, social activist, and church historian born in 1931. Deeply recognizing the evil the Japanese people had done in Korea and seeing the devastation of the Cheonggyecheon slum in Seoul, he served in the slum from 1973 to 1985 by serving the poor, providing food for 2,000 unschooled children everyday, and helping to plant an indigenous church. He has been honored by the Seoul City, and several museums in Korea, including Seoul Historical Museum, have had special exhibitions and published books on his work.Moto has studied at Kentucky Bible College (Southeastern Christian College), BIOLA, Pepperdine University, and Tokyo Union Theological Seminary. He has taught at Japan School of Evangelism and spoken at numerous occasions in Japan, Korea, and the United States. His writings include several books on the history of the Stone-Campbell Movement and on his ministry in Korea. He was awarded a Distinguished Christian Service Award from Pepperdine University in 2008.





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